Quality and safety have always been a part of the VIVACY DNA

As a manufacturer, Laboratoires VIVACY controls all stages of production and no compromise is made.

Our global mission is to introduce innovations that provide new services and types of experiences to the Medical Aesthetics Industry.

Only Authentic Products

All our products come with a tag that contains an integrated RFID chip to easily verify their authenticity on our dedicated mobile app using NFC technology.

Next-generation Syringes

We developed Bi-SOFT® Injection Technology to provide greater precision, comfort and control for Practitioners during their day-to-day injections.

Patented Hyaluronic Acid

STYLAGE® and DESIRIAL® products are based on the unique patented IPN-Like Technology to accurately define each product’s viscoelastic properties.

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Scan your product to verify it's authenticity thanks to RFID Technology and find our digitalised product notices.


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Laboratoires VIVACY
About Us

Laboratoires VIVACY is specalised in the development, production and distribution of injectable hyaluronic acid-based medical devices for aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine, as well as viscosupplementation. All our products are made using the patented IPN-LIKE technology, which stabilises the hyaluronic acid.

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My VIVACY on a daily basis
As a manufacturer, Laboratoires VIVACY pays particular attention to product security and no compromise is made. In regards to this engagement, VIVACY launched in 2017 an innovative product tracability system using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) so that clients from all around the world can verify the authenticity of their VIVACY products: STYLAGE® and DESIRIAL®, scan with a smartphone via the dedicated application: «My Vivacy». Special RFID chips with a unique number are integrated into each product pack to ensure security and better protection from counterfeit products.