How to scan a VIVACY’s product tag? 

In order to use the application, you must have a compatible mobile phone with internet access.

The application can be downloaded for free on the “Apple Store” (Apple) or “Google Play” (Android) stores, on one of the following devices:

- An Apple Iphone from Iphone 7 and iOS 11
 - Any mobile device equipped with the Android operating system  

  • To scan a product, you can proceed as following:
- Create an account or log on to your “My VIVACY” account
- On the app homepage, press the “Scan a product” button
 - Hold your mobile phone close to the product’s RFID tag 
 - Scan the tag with the NFC reader incorporated into your mobile device.
  • After having verified the authentication number associated with your product’s RFID tag, the application will then display an “Authentic Product” page, showing you the following information:
- Product picture
 - Product name
- Batch number
- RFID number
 - Expiration date
- Product notice
- Product information for patients
- VIVACY contact form
An email will also be sent with all of the above product information.
In case of an “Unauthentic Product” after scanning, the app will display a page stating "Product not found" and a VIVACY contact form will appear.